Mission Goal

Evaluate Owley’s performance in the worst-case scenario of a motorbike theft.

Two main criteria guide this need:
1. Ability to locate assets, in environments with low signal reception, such as containers.
2. Rapid convergence capability to provide assistance in the shortest time possible.

Test material

  • Tracker: Sens’it Owley Test Device
  • Search tool: “HANDY” characterized by high portability and high sensitivity.


The simulation of the stolen motorbike case is done by placing the asset in a container. 

Using a container represents the worst-case scenario due to its radio power loss of at least 40 dB.

Tracker localization

The tracker was hidden inside the motorbike.

Start point

The team started from the container with the detector (Handy), arriving at a distance of less than 4 km (in different directions) to understand the maximum distance that could be captured.


  • The test results show that Owley can provide accurate geolocation information even in extreme scenarios.
  • The maximum signal detection distance in simulated theft conditions was less than 3 km, demonstrating Owley’s effectiveness in challenging environments.