Owley offers advanced technologies designed to operate in GPS interference environments and electronic warfare situations.

Our solutions are designed for the most critical military missions, ensuring unparalleled reliability and security.

Stealth technology

Our technology works ‘point to point’, with unique accuracy that allows you to get directly to the target. Due to low power transmission, it is difficult to detect, making it ideal for stealth operations.

You can choose from different tools to meet your needs.

Find out which tools are most suitable for your next mission:

Infrastructure less

Usable both indoors and outdoors, with the ability to track through physical obstacles, without the need for additional infrastructure.

No GPS or GPS denied

Owley solutions are effective even in GPS-denied environments or areas with interference, ensuring operability in remote, mountainous, and underground areas.

jamming & Spoofing RESISTENT

Designed to resist GPS jamming and spoofing, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in electronic warfare situations.


We have already conducted tests with the Military divers.

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