Increase your customer satisfaction with our plug-and-play solution

Owley comes out with unbeatable features designed to simplifies researches, reduce the time spent on the field and increase the recovery rate

With our in field tools, reduce your recurring costs

Owley in field tools are designed to minimise time spent by operators on the field to recover assets and maximise the recovery rate

With our cloud software, monitor and manage in-field activities 

Owley Cloud provides a simple mean to support and monitor in-field operations, coordinate researches and manage asset recovery tasks and activities 

We provide turnkey Stolen Asset Recovery Service

Looking to avoid the hassle of recovering your stolen assets? Turn to our recovery service   

Components of our solution

Owley compatible beacon

A tracker that emits the Owley radio signal is installed on asset to be recovered

or global reach, the tracker can be connected to an IoT or cellular network


This is the hardware device used by the operator in the field to locate the Owley beacon

This highly performant locator device finds assets in whatever conditions 


This mobile application delivers an optimal experience for the operator that uses the in-field hardware

It is linked to the Cloud Software for operation management


This Software is used by the Operation Command Centre

It allow to follow and manage operations in the field, manage access rights and access statistics and reports