Mission Goal

Ensure the safety of military divers during training and live operations, addressing challenges such as strong currents and radio interference.

Two main criteria guide this need:

  1. Ability to accurately locate the diver, even with radio interference and in areas without coverage.
  2. Rapid recovery capability to ensure assistance in the shortest possible time.

Test material

  • Tracker: Owley localization system
  • Search tool: “HANDY” characterized by high portability and high sensitivity.


Brest Bay in France; In an area known for strong currents.

Tracker localization

The Owley system successfully located the diver precisely, even with intentional radio jamming and in areas without coverage

Start point

The diver started from a point 7 km offshore, where currents are particularly strong.


Owley successfully located the diver over a distance of 7 km, enabling recovery within 20 minutes thanks to the precise guidance of the rescue boat.