A set of tools dedicated to Search And Rescue and Asset Recovery

Owley’s advanced features streamline and simplify the search and recovery process, reducing the time spent from field operators to central command centers, all aimed at achieving faster and more efficient rescue and recovery

Our Products

Firmware for Tracking Devices

Owley leverages firmware development for enhanced integration into partner tracking devices

Mobile Application

Owley’s mobile application is an in-field locator interface that enhances the ground operators’ experience

In-field Locators

Owley’s Locator device set is meticulously crafted to combine exceptional sensitivity with extended detection range

Web Platform

Owley’s web platform is designed to manage and command tracking devices and also to monitor in-field operations


Our integrated firmware features Owley’s dedicated waveform, captured by the In-Field locators

Our firmware provides the highest security grade, resistant to jammers and undetectable by thieves

Owley collaborates with partners to seamlessly integrate our firmware into their tracking devices

Every industry vertical requires specific tracking devices. Owley’s customers can select from various partners to provide the most suitable tracking device based on their specifications

Our trusted partners are already Owley compatible 


Unabiz is the # 1 massive IoT service provider


Beepings is a well known asset tracking solutions provider for B2C and B2B industries

Simple hw

Simple hardware is an IoT solution provider for many industry segments


Owley provides a range of in-field locators that adapt to its clients’ circumstances and constraints, offering maximum flexibility and efficiency


Available for telecom standard and regulations worldwide


Perfectly suited for urban and confined environment searches where an agile tool is necessary

high performance

Handy combines compactness, performance, and high search precision


To conduct confidential searches, Handy can be hidden


Handy is straightforward, enabling quick and easy training for ground operators.


Available for telecom standard and regulations worldwide

Unparalleled Sensitivity

The Owley suitcase boasts an exceptional sensitivity of -150dBm/Hz, enabling the detection of even the faintest signals of interest

Remarkable Versatility

With a frequency range from 1 MHz to 1,450 MHz, the Owley suitcase maintains remarkable versatility, making it capable of identifying various types of waveforms

Exceptional Selectivity

The Owley suitcase excels in signal detection, even in the presence of strong interferences that might hinder other receivers.

Abundant Customization

Equipped with numerous options, the Owley suitcase empowers operators to conduct covert investigations within vehicles or employ masts for long-range detection.