Mission Goal

Verify the effectiveness of Owley technology in underground environments, such as multi-story parking garages, for locating and recovering stolen assets.

Two main criteria guide this need:
1. Ability to locate assets, in environments with low signal reception, such as garages.
2. Remove any doubt for the police by providing the exact location of the stolen property.

Test material

  • Tracker: Owley test device attached to the automobile to be rescued.
  • Search tool: “HANDY” characterized by high portability and high sensitivity.


A parking garage with three underground levels.

The radio wave propagation conditions were particularly challenging, with significant attenuation levels.

Tracker localization

The tracker was hidden on the third floor underground inside the car.


Start point

The team started tracking Owley’s signal from a street near the garage.


  • Total recovery time: 2 hours.
  • Once the Owley signal was detected, it took less than 20 minutes to locate the car at level -3 of the parking garage.